Q: Who or what is MobReg.com?

A: MobReg is a new domain Registration Service Provider, we specialize is providing a service that allows people on the go with a mobile device to register a domain. How many times have you been at a business meeting or lunch and really needed to register a domain? The people we come here, it happens to them often they just want to have the ability to be ready for the day they need to register a domain lightening fast.

Some people have also asked, why does you site look so simple? The answer, we aren't here to make a graphic, or flash web site. It's all about speed, how fast can you display our home page and lookup or register a domain. I'd be willing to bet it's at least twice as fast, if not faster that what you would have wished to have.

Q: How does MobReg work?

A: We are part of the Tucows network for OpenSRS.

Q: What does it cost to use MobReg?

A: We charge a one time signup fee of $1/account for checking credit card. At that time you must agree to Tucows and ICANNs policies regarding domain registrations and disputes. Once you've got an account it is good forever. When registering a domain we charge $15 fee for each domain name url to register, $15 domain to transfer between registrars. We are working on volume and domain discounts, check for more info.

Q: Can I use MobReg today?

A: We are still in the development and testing phase right now, if you want to register a domain or become a beta tester, please contact hostmaster@mobreg.com, to determine how we can register a domain for you today. We are waiting on credit card approvals and some engineering integration before we launch.

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